About Osato

I have been an information technologist and software developer since the year 2000. Through the years I have acquired lots of experience in providing professional computer services and programming computers for World Wide Web, network and data management.

Over the years, I have gained proficiency in writing computer programs in the following programming languages:

  • Java (Standard and Micro Edition).
  • JavaScript (and JQuery Library).
  • PHP [Hypertext Pre-Processor].
  • SQL [For MySQL and Sybase – Transact SQL].
  • Visual Basic 2013 (.Net Framework 4.5).
  • HTML/CSS [Website Design/Building].
  • Flash ActionScript

I have also gained much experience in using and developing for the following Content Management Systems:

I also have extensive experience with using the following applications either for software development, publishing or graphic designing:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access)
  • Corel Draw/Photo Paint
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • NetBeans IDE
  • MySQL and Sybase Database Systems
  • DBArtisan/PHPMyAdmin

I have worked with the following Operating Systems and can install and administer them (such as networking):

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple Macintosh
  • Ubuntu Linux

I can setup and administer the following Web Servers:

  • Apache
  • Microsoft IIS

I have desktop and server hardware maintenance and troubleshooting experience and can perform tasks such as hardware upgrading and replacement of faulty hardware components.

I have developed numerous high-performance and user-friendly web applications for schools, non-governmental organizations, private and public businesses. These applications are tailored to the specific needs of his clients and has also built very appealing and easily navigated websites.

I also create 2-dimensional graphics and animations using primarily, Adobe Flash and ActionScript. With these tools, I am able to create interactive presentations, Advertisements, Galleries, Digital Year Books, etc.

I have designed, built and configured numerous wide and local area computer networks on Linux and Windows Platforms using wired [Ethernet] and wireless network technologies.

As a consultant and trainer, I have spoken in Seminars and provided critical advice for technology deployment to solve a wide range of company management problems, cost effectively and professionally.

The services I have provided over the years have an outstanding record for reducing costs, improving work efficiency, improving speed of production or job execution, improved access to critical information by management or staff, improved use of technology and improved security. This has been achieved by innovative ideas and well conducted research to ensure that the services provided are better and stand out from what other information technologists provide. Some of the successfully completed projects include:

  • Medication Adherence System [2010]: This web application is used by doctors to remind their patients to take their medications or meet up with doctors appointments, via SMS.
  • Adina [2008]: This software was developed for Adina Gym, Benin City, Nigeria to manage the subscriptions of clients to the gym and help track client progress, payments, accounts, etc.
  • COIN [2011]: This software manages student information for Secondary Schools and Universities and makes the information easily accessible by school-approved parties whilst automating most calculations and report generation on behalf of staff. Other features include Accounts, Fees Accounting, Attendance Management, Staff Records Maintenance, etc.
  • SAIN [2009]: This is an inventory management system developed originally for Bulwark Nigeria [a furniture vendor]. It helps the company manage orders [lead – time alerts], perform accounts [such as imprest record management], stock taking and reporting, etc.
  • Websites: He has created numerous websites for Organizations Such as Builders Stop Center [www.buildersstopcenter.com] Central Emirates International Academy [www.ceia.com.ng], Pelfaco Limited [www.pelfaco.com], Sautaver Events Management [www.sautaver.com], Safe Haven Microfinance Bank, Limited [www.safehavenmfb.com], TechSav Limited [www.techsav.net], etc.