As a software developer, the first application I developed was a TicTacToe game, using QBasic. I built the application from scratch in 2001/2002. The program was to be played by two players and ran only with the QBasic Interpreter. I fortunately completed this program even without a computer of my own. I used computers of family friends and a student I was tutoring Microsoft Office to write the program and was able to complete it in less than a year. You may download the code and try it for free. Requires knowledge of MS-DOS to run because the version of QBasic you download here is pretty old.

Download: TicTacToe_QbasicCode.bas.

After successfully creating my own TicTacToe game, I ventured into creating numerous software products [ see Projects ] that meet real-world demands in a secure, user-friendly, fast and cost-effective way.



Although I do not publish or do graphics designs anymore, I believe some of my accomplishments and work should be featured none-the-less because these skills come handy when creating appealing user interfaces for software and other systems I create and/or present.

As a publisher and graphics designer, over the years I have published Year Books, edited books [such as Golden Footprints – for the Pre-Adult Affairs Organization] and worked on designs for Banners, stickers, etc. Below, I display a few of my numerous designs. Click the thumbnail for a larger view.

Please note that Contact Information on the Banners are blurred out on purpose.

Ad for Beulah Creche and Nursery School

This work is a banner for a Nursery and Creche school.


Year Book Cover For Graduating BioChemistry Students of UNIBEN

Year Book Cover For Graduating BioChemistry Students of UNIBEN

El Zino Banner

Banner for a Fashion Clothes Store. Large print

Fashion Rave Banner

Promotional Banner for a Fashion Event

LCM Banner

Church Sign. I thought I create something for them that was not ordinary.

Miss Oil and Gas Nigeria Banner

Miss Oil and Gas Nigeria Beauty Pageant promotional banner

Graduating Students of Philosophy, University of Benin Year Book Cover

Year Book Cover for Graduating Philosophy Students of UNIBEN

Year Book Cover for Graduating Sociology Students of UNIBEN

Year Book Cover for Graduating Sociology Students of UNIBEN

Study Center Sign for School of Discipleship, CE UNIBEN

Study Center Sign for School of Discipleship, CE UNIBEN


As a trainer I have privately and corporately trained developers and computer users on contract and/or consultation basis. I was one of the speakers at a Seminar Titled: “ICT and the Nigerian” organized by Pebbles Integrated, Nigeria. In the seminar I spoke on Website Design and Computer Programming. My talk focused on the basics of computer programming and the building and hosting of websites. I spoke on the two days of the event and made live demonstrations to an audience of over 150 people.

As a trainer, I have trained users on the use of computer software packages such as Microsoft Office, Web Browsing and Graphics applications such as Corel Draw. I have also trained close to 4 students on the use of PHP/MySQL to create web applications while I was in College.

Download: My ICT and the Nigerian Seminar Write Up – Titled: A Study on Website Design and Programming



Most of my animation and multimedia work through the years are a little too large in file size to feature on my website and they include a Digital Year Book I created using Adobe Flash. It is a large flash animation that allows users navigate through profiles of fellow students, pictures taken during graduation parties, etc. It was a successful project and students of the graduating class can owned copies of the Digital Year Book in CDs which they could use with Computers. There are other multimedia and animation projects that I have worked on such as an eLearning System for Chemistry Calculations and so on. Below are two relatively small animations in SWF that I created from scratch for my clients. These animations require Adobe Flash Player.

Download: Television Advert for Some CompetitionWeb Page Animation