COIN is a system created to manage school data more efficiently than manual and other automated systems and to make this data accessible to approved individuals [whether parents, staff or even students] in a highly organized and controllable manner, without subjecting the school to high cost implications.

COIN is a web-based school data management system designed to provide easy, automated, fast and secure access to student, staff and school information in a very user friendly way. The data managed include but are not limited in any way to, Student Results (easily generate printable report sheets, broadsheets, analysis, etc.), Attendance Records, Demographics, School Fees and Accounts, Stock Keeping, Time Table, etc.

Being web-based makes it possible for COIN to be deployed in your school locally or on a secure server on the internet to enable access to COIN remotely on these different levels/scopes. The former being within the school’s network and the later being anywhere in the universe an internet connection exists.

COIN is fitted with tools that make it possible for Authorized Staff to configure which data it manages and make major changes to the system when the need arises, without contacting me.

COIN is designed to be so independent, that its code can be downloaded, installed and configured for any school by anyone familiar with installing software on the Windows Operating System.



Using a web-based school data management software has many benefits. Some of which include the following;

  • Free Website: In an event where a client of COIN does not have a website, a website can be created and hosted with the COIN program for the school, Free of Charge.
  • Source of revenue to your school.
  • Your school will be identified as one of the schools embracing the new era of computer technology applications, not common to the Nigerian system yet.
  • 24 Hour real-time information for parents and staff such as announcements, calendar of events, student results, financial information and accounts, etc.
  • Increase computer knowledge and skill amongst parents, students and staff.
  • Enable parents or students view their results at home instead of waiting in school till they are ready in Print.
  • Real time reports and statistics for financial and academic records with a few clicks.
  • Eliminate the rigorous and error prone process of student result calculation and preparation.
  • Enables computerization of all student and staff information in an easy to search and retrieve way. From a student’s profile, all results, fees, notes and messages can be accessed at once, thereby, eliminating difficulty of generating transcripts and other similar reports.
  • COIN is accessible worldwide by students, staff and parents using numerous devices like Ipads, BlackBerrys, Smart Phones, etc. and not just Personal Computers.
  • Security is cutting edge and effective against all known attack tactics.

For more information about COIN and its benefits, please contact me using the Contact Form