SAIN is an application created to manage inventory information of companies that stock products and want to have highly detailed information about the products such as:

  • Inventory: A detailed information about each product in the store [including Quantity at hand, product description, location, etc.
  • Order Records: Maintain a record of all orders for each product and view alerts when the Lead Time for each order is less than a week. This reminds management to go pick up products for stocking
  • Stock Out: Keep a record of each product delivered including the receiver, time of delivery, etc.
  • Stock In: Manage a record of each item returned to or delivered to the store including the particulars of the party returning or delivering the product to the store. Information such as Invoice number can be put with the products delivered to the store.
  • Registry: Maintain a detailed record of suppliers and special clients so stock flow can be linked to the registered clients/suppliers more easily.

SAIN is a web-based application which makes it possible for SAIN to be deployed on networks such as the internet or a local area network, very easily. Thus, any device capable of connecting to the network SAIN is being deployed on and is capable of rendering web pages to a good degree, can be used to operate SAIN remotely. Thus, Devices such as Ipads, Laptops, BlackBerrys, etc. can be used to work from a remote location without being present in the office.

SAIN is fitted with a lot of security features to make its advantage of remote operation will not compromise the security of the data it is managing.

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