What Is Joomla?

Joomla is a content management system just like WordPress. Joomla is considered to be more sophisticated than WordPress because Joomla not only manages content but makes it possible for people with no technical experience or knowledge to make changes to the layout of their website. This is easily compensated for in WordPress by using Widgets, however, WordPress is considered better because it is a lot simpler.


My Work With Joomla

Most of my work with Joomla was done while working for two companies (Nigeria’s Renaissance and Cobweb Solutions).

  • Alford Conferences Limited ( I built this website with Joomla (using a template I downloaded and modified) for this company while working for Cobweb Solutions. The company wanted a simple website they can update with photos and details of the conferences they have been organizing.
  • Integrated Youth Economic Empowerment Programme ( I built this website in collaboration with other developers. We took charge of different tasks. It runs with a Joomla content management system.
  • Cobweb Solutions ( I created this website with Joomla pending the input of the graphics staff. That may be delaying so …

Other tasks performed with Joomla include:

  • Red Sapphire Nigeria Limited ( I worked on this website but didn’t create it initially. I made needed modifications and did necessary upgrades.
  • Pendulum Technologies ( This website had a bug with one of the modules that was outputting and error on the website. I helped troubleshoot the website.
  • Web Nigeria ( I created this website for an event, Web Nigeria.