Software Development

I currently create user-friendly software applications for clients. This, I am able to achieve using the following technologies.

  • PHP/MySQL: This is the technology used to create most of my products. This is because, applications created on this platform are rugged and easily scalable.
  • Visual Basic: With Microsoft’s Visual Basic I have created numerous customized programs for customers using the Windows Operating System.
  • Java: With Java I create applications I want to run on different hardware or software platforms without the need to modify the program’s code.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ and Visual BASIC 6.0: I can use the Visual Studio 6.0 system to write software for older platforms. My old applications were coded in these languages.

These tools have made it possible for me to create software that solve very simple problems such as data management to complicated problems such as the Shortest Route Algorithm. Thus, I have shown much competence in solving corporate and personal problems through software I have developed. If you have a problem you believe computers can help solve, especially if it has to do with data management, I am the person you should contact.