Web Services

I provide web services to private individuals and corporate organizations. These services are world-class and have satisfied the needs and tastes of clients through my years as a web services provider. The services I provide include:

  • Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting:
    Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting are services I have provided for numerous customers and affordable prices through the years. I have been able to identify cost effective means to host websites by identifying the needs of the client and the client’s target audience and have been able to provide web hosting and Domain Name registration for clients for as low as 3,000 Naira ($25) annually. This hosting comes with 10 to 2,000 email accounts for the client’s Domain Name, making it possible for me (for instance) to have betterdays@osatoworks.com. The hosting servers have a 99.9% uptime and little or no down time at all.
  • Search Engine Optimization:
    Many websites have a problem of not being easily found by search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo! Search. This is because the builders of the site did not take search engine optimization into consideration while building the website. Using coding techniques and certain online tools, it is possible to make your website more likely to be found by Search Engine users. I currently provide this as a service and have yielded much success in making my website and that of my clients more accessible through search engines. For my website building clients, this service is done free of charge.
  • Website Building: Over the years, I have built and upgraded numerous websites that were not up to standard that could be considered satisfactory to the clients. I have been able to successfully create unique designs which conform to current world standards in visually appealing website using Flash animations and light weight graphics to make my client’s web pages download to web pages quickly and easily. Websites I have developed through the years have provided data, video, text, graphic, and audio content to its visitors.
  • Google Apps Integration:
    I provide Google Apps Integration Service. This makes it possible for Google applications such as GMail, Google Docs, etc. to be integrated into your Domain Name. This way, you can use GMail to access your company’s corporate email on GMail’s servers thereby affording you a space of up to 10 Giga Bytes per email account.
  • Facebook Website Services:
    Facebook makes it possible to create appealing fan pages for clients and friends. I can currently create a custom fan page for my clients which will be hosted from the client’s website thereby making it possible to collect information from visitors, etc.
  • Web Application Building:
    For some clients, owning a website is not enough. There may be the need to collect information from visitors, contact users/customers in an easy to use way. This will create the need to not only build the website but program the functionality into it. I provide such service for such special needs/situations. Also, websites I build always have a contact form on the website that makes it possible for users to receive emails from the website, via the contact form. I also develop for WordPress and Joomla Content Management Systems when the need arises to enable the client make changes to their website by themselves, I can develop plugins.

If you will like to see some of the websites I have worked on and are currently serving our customers, please contact me using any of the contact information in the contact us page.

How do you know I built these websites?

You can tell that I built the website in two ways. The first way is to check for Osato Works at the bottom of the website as the builder of the website. The second is to attempt to view the HTML code of the website. To view the HTML code, right-click on the website and click “View Source” or “View Page Source” (this depends on the web browser you are using). At the top of the HTML code, you will find my name and contact information. This is done for clients that do not want me to display my name on the main page of the website because in some cases, the website was sub-contracted to me and in others, the client just prefers I don’t advertise on their website.