What is WordPress?

WordPress was created to be a platform for creating very good blogs but WordPress has evolved to become one of the most useful content management systems for websites. You can host your own website with WordPress running it. You do not need to do any of the technical work because most web hosting companies can install WordPress on your website automatically and some have a feature that can make you install WordPress on your website with just a click of your mouse.

My Work with WordPress

WordPress makes it possible to change the look and features of a website by simply changing the theme. Most of the times, users of WordPress have to look for themes to buy for their websites or settle for any features a theme they find has.

I can help this situation by creating themes that can meet the specific needs of the WordPress user. I can also create a WordPress theme for an existing website. The website remains the same but I am able to create a WordPress theme version of the client’s website.

I can also develop WordPress plugins where the need arises for extra functionality. This makes it possible to manage an entire web service or portal with a WordPress back-end. This website you are visiting and all it’s content and functionality is managed by a WordPress installation.

Some of the websites and web services I have created to be managed with WordPress include: